Baseball*Softball Instructors

Scott "Hoppy" Hopgood - Pro

Owner Operator/ Professional Instructor. 

Baseball and Softball Hitting Instructor

Manager H12 Instructional League

Experince: 7 years Pro

Andy Parrino - MLB

H12 Instructional League Coordinator / Manager

Hitting -Defense Instructor

Experience: 5 years of MLB (SD, OAK, CWS)

Nellie Simmons - MLB

Baseball Hitting and Defense Instructor

Experience: 22 years pro- 4 years of MLB (Det, BAL)

Jon Sintes - Pro

VELO / Arm Care Pitching Coordinator

Experience: 6 Years MXL

Austin Rauch - MiLB

Catching Camp Coordinator / Instructor, Baseball Hitting

Experience: 5 years (COL, BAL)

Bruce Newland - Softball Pitching

HS and College Coaching Experience 20 years

Billy Flamion - Pro- Pitching

Pitching Instructor
Experience: 2 years  (LA)

Kayla Browning - Softball

Softball Catching and Hitting

Experience: William-Penn Univ. Grossmont JC

Katrina Boehm

Softball Hitting

Experience: Univ. of Arkansas

Asst. Coach HS, HC Travel 12 years

Marcus Giles

Special Asst. H12 Instructional League

Experience: 10 years MLB

Kimmi Hayden - Softball

Special Asst. Softball Catching and Hitting

Experience: Memphis Univ. 

HC Christian Brothers Univ.

Dallas Seidel

H12 Instructional League

 Roving Instructor

Experience: Ind. Professional